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Crime Scene   Suicide   Unattended Death Cleanup

*Sanitizing, *Deodorizing, and *Disposal of Biowaste.

Alliance Biohazard provides a unique and, most of all,
caring service - sparing family, friends, employees and
businesses the burden of cleaning and disposing after a
tragedy. We help ease the emotional impact making the
area safe to enter without the constant reminders of the

Private                       Commercial
Vehicle                      Industrial   
Public                        Residential
Clandestine                Methlab Cleaning

*Includes site survey

*Work plan

*Bid preparation

*Decontamination, and disposal of
hazardous materials according to
required government specifications
and safety standards.

*Infection Cleanup

*Decontamination of staph and other disease-causing contaminants, ie.,

M.R.S.A. and M.D.S.A., and H1N1 (Swine Flu).

*Urine and Feces Cleanup

*Includes odor removal and infection decontamination
*Hoarding Remediation

 OSHA Compliance, Consultation,

Remediation, and Training available.